At the World Refining Association, we are committed to fully understanding the challenges that the industry is facing not only now, but in the short and long term future, this is what makes WRA events truly unique. In order to achieve this level of excellence we hold regular research calls with all market sectors as well as host a series of face to face Advisory Board meetings across the globe.These exclusive meetings are a platform for open dialogue between key regional stakeholders, where in-depth conversations lay the foundations for the cutting-edge agendas typical of WRA events.

This year’s LARTC Advisory Board meeting took place virtually on the 3rd March and the collaboration and contributions of the members of the board were invaluable and will be integral to the development of this year’s agenda. The Official Advisory Board met to discuss pressing industry topics including: The impact of the pandemic on the sector, the acceleration of the energy transition, emissions reductions solutions, petrochemical integration and capacity, the region’s new projects and the increased adoption of digital technologies

We at the WRA are currently preparing this year’s ERTC, which will be celebrating its 26th anniversary in Madrid in November. We gathered Europe’s leading downstream players via video-conference for the annual ERTC advisory board meeting. We covered a range of issues facing the industry in the short, medium and long-term and how refineries can develop old and new assets through various technologies and processes.