Energy efficiency is an important contributor to lowering the cost price of refined oil products. Nevertheless, refineries are losing huge amounts of energy through hot flue gas leaving the stack. HeatMatrix has developed a unique polymer heat exchanger which is corrosion resistant and can recover this waste heat.

When recovering waste heat and cooling the flue gas, corrosive components in flue gas start condensing around 130ºC. Conventional metal Air PreHeaters will corrode quickly under these conditions.
The HeatMatrix polymer Air PreHeaters have been specifically designed for these harsh acidic circumstances. They have good antifouling properties and -when placed in series with a metal air preheater- protect the metal against acid corrosion. This improves the reliability of the operation.

A polymer Air PreHeater recovers heat from flue gas up to 200ºC to heat up combustion air. Energy savings up to 5% can be achieved with a payback time for a turnkey project of 3 to 5 years.

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