Xavier Enrique Ruiz Maldonado | Principal Hydrocracking Catalyst Engineer | Haldor Topsoe

Since 2008, Xavier holds a MSc Chemical Engineer from Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela. He is currently working within the Hydrocracking Technical Support Group in Denmark where his main responsibility is to advice refinery customers about start-up, monitoring and troubleshooting of hydrocracking and hydrotreating units. He also works in collaboration with R&D for pilot plant test planning and catalyst calculations. Prior to being employed at Haldor Topsoe A/S, he held a position both as Leader Process Engineer at Amuay Refinery (Paraguan√° Refinery Complex) and Project Engineer in charge of designing a diesel and hydrogen plants. Xavier has also worked with research of catalyst formulation for hydrotreating and selective hydrogenation of di-olefines as part of his career which adds now to more than 13 years in the field.