Paul Male

Paul Male

Senior Manager, Technology Licensing, Sasol

Mr Male has worked in the Fischer-Tropsch Gas to Liquids (GTL) field for the last two decades and has a history of engineering and technology development as well as successful project implementation. This has led to a deep understanding of Fischer-Tropsch (FT) processes, it applications and what it takes to successfully deliver such projects.

Mr. Male’s career started in the operational environment at Sasol’s Secunda Coal to Liquids facility where he was involved in water utilization, upgrading and re-use as well as other environmental matters.

Thereafter Mr. Male moved into the FT processing area gaining valuable practical operational and execution experience before joining the licensing design office in the UK where GTL designs were conceptualized and executed by combining various technologies with Sasol’s FT technologies. Mr Male furthermore led the process design for a new FT catalyst manufacturing facility in the Netherlands before being involved in the Uzbekistan GTL project from the business development phase all the way to the EPC phase, as licensor representative. This experience together with supporting of the operational GTL facilities led to a fundamental and practical understanding of FT technology and operation.

Mr Male was appointed as senior manager technology licensing responsible for the licensing function and business within Sasol – setting technology development objectives, marketing & market engagement, delivery of licensor engineering packages and commercial licensing agreements. Mr Male was also instrumental in combining technologies with Haldor Topsøe to enable a single point GTL licensing offering to the market. This has allowed for a unique technology growth into the growing Power-to-Liquid space where the FT technology can offer long term sustainable aviation fuel and distillate products from renewable sources