WRA Interview Series

Antonio Joyanes, SVP for Refining at CEPSA

Part of the WRA Interview Series, with Sandil Sanmugam, Portfolio Director, Europe, World Refining Association

Published on 18th June 2020

This year’s ERTC will be held in Madrid and we are delighted to share our interview with Antonio Joyanes, SVP for Refining at CEPSA. So whilst you wait till November, Antonio shares how CEPSA has gained a competitive advantage despite the COVID-19 outbreak, digitalisation and the potential of technologies which can be considered with tight budgets.


  • How has COVID-19 impacted the business?
  • Has it been a challenge to focus on the long-term when thinking about survivability?
  • Working dynamics and maintenance schedules in the crisis
  • Behaviour habits post-crisis
  • How are refineries looking at reducing GHG emissions?
  • Is carbon-neutral realistic?
  • CEPSA’s GHG reduction targets
  • Has CEPSA learnt anything out of energy efficiency?
  • Reacting to the European Green Deal
  • What technologies are you looking at?
  • Which would make the biggest impact hydrogen, chemical recycling and CCUS?
  • Adapting to IMO regulations

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