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Antonio Joyanes, SVP Refining, CEPSA

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At ERTC 2019 in Poland, Antonio Joyanes, SVP Refining at CEPSA told us more about Digitalisation, whether it is just a buzzword and its impact on the refining industry. He also shared his thoughts on whether refineries must move away from producing liquid hydrocarbons in order to remain competitive in the energy transition.

Neil Morris, CEO, The Faraday Institution

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We had a chat with Neil Morris, CEO of the Faraday Institution at ERTC 2019 in Poland. He told us a bit more about what the Faraday Institution does, his thoughts on the impact on fuel demand on the refining industry, technological advancements, developments and disruptions related to batteries.

Jean-Marc Sohier, Science Director, Concawe

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During the interview, Jean-Marc Sohier who is the Science Director at Concawe, talked about the opportunities and challenges of the industry from the point of view of Concawe and his thoughts on the European Green Deal for the refining sector.

Andy Gosse, President, Shell Catalysts & Technologies

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Watch our interview with Andy Gosse, President of Shell Catalysts & Technologies from ERTC 2019 in Poland. Andy shares his takeaways from the event, as well as what the industry should be focusing on in the year ahead.

Alice Garton, Head of Climate Programme at ClientEarth

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Alice Garton told us more about the importance of climate disclosure laws, the impact of the Paris Agreement on the downstream industry, how to avoid increasing risks in climate litigation, long term plans and targets and much more.