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WRA Interview Series | John Gugel

Expert Insight

The WRA’s goal is to support the refining industry and its transition to a sustainable future. We sat down with John Gugel, President & CEO of Honeywell UOP to discuss how COVID-19 has given the opportunity for refiners to rationalise their portfolios and refocus their strategies towards stronger assets.

Rising Stars Winner Q&A | Pedro Medina

Meet The Speaker

Pedro Medina, Senior Technology Development Engineer at CEPSA won the first ever ERTC Rising Stars Awards back in 2017 in Athens. In this Q&A, Pedro tells us more about his previous role as Environmental & Sustainability Engineer, his career, challenges in the refining industry, as well as his thoughts on the 2020 Rising Stars Award Question. Read more here.

Rising Stars Winner Q&A | Ross O’Brien

Meet The Speaker

When Ross O’Brien won the ERTC Rising Stars Awards 2018 in Cannes, he was a Mechanical Engineer at BP. We recently had a catch-up with him to learn more about his new role as Executive Assistant, Executive Office HR at BP, his career, and his thoughts on future technologies in Refining.

Rising Stars Winner Q&A, Damian Kwiatkowski

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Damian Kwiatkowski, Junior Process Engineer at Grupa LOTOS S.A. won the ERTC Rising Stars Award back in November 2019 in Poland. Damian tells us about his Rising Stars experience, how his career evolved since, as well as his general thoughts on challenges the Refining industry is facing at the moment.

WRA Interview Series | John Cooper

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The WRA’s goal is to support the refining industry and its transition to a sustainable future. We had a conversation with John Cooper, Director General for FuelsEurope and Concawe about how they are working with the European Commission and putting refineries at the heart of the Green Deal. We discussed FuelsEurope’s report “Clean Fuels for All” and how the current refinery blueprint will differ significantly to the refinery of 2050.

WRA Interview Series | Antonio Joyanes

Meet The Speaker

Antonio shares how CEPSA has gained a competitive advantage despite the COVID-19 outbreak, digitalisation and the potential of technologies which can be considered with tight budgets.

WRA Interview Series, Claus-Peter Hälsig

Meet The Speaker

The WRA sat down with Claus-Peter Hälsig, VP Process & Technology at Fluor. Sharing his 35+ years of industry experience we discussed COVID-19, the carbon neutral stance of refiners and the future technologies which will shape the industry in the coming decades.